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The Pirate Organisation

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 11 January 2014 | Comments

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I read this rather interesting book on a recent holiday, "The Pirate Organisation". It was rather fitting reading this on a tropical island really added to the pirate-ness of the reading material. Anyway, the book actually is not specifically about Blackbeard, Bartholomew Roberts or Captain Kidd, but rather explains how whenever sovereign capitalist states find themselves in uncharted territories, pirates emerge who are more agile and can navigate these "waters" better than the state that attempt to control these territories (or in capitalist economic terms, gain property rights).

It happened on the high seas, it happened when a little thing called radio (waves) were used to broadcast (BBC vs pirate radio), it has more recently occurred as the Internet has evolved, and more disturbingly is occurring with biology, genes and biotechnology.

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Customer experience comes before technology

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 15 July 2012 | Comments

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Whether you prescribe to the cult of Steve or not, in this video back in 1997 he answers a seemingly insulting question in a true forward thinking and honest way (as Jim Collins would say... confronting the brutal facts).

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Introduction and Setting Up APES (Automated Provision for Email Services) on SilverStripe CMS

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 16 November 2011 | Comments

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A video tutorial going through the basic setup and getting the APES (Automated Provision for Email Services) on SilverStripe CMS up and running.
APES is a module that sync's your SilverStripe Member information up to mail services ready to send out newsletters.

It will help you sync your Member information in SilverStripe CMS with your email newsletter lists (MailChimp only at present) for eMarketing and Membership newsletter needs.

*Available in HD if you view through the Vimeo site too!

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Digital video content... detach the rights from the medium

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 12 October 2011 | Comments

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computer lolcats Just finished reading this article from

Seems the TV and Movie industry is finally recognising they actually need to do something along the line of providing a proper business model around the issues of digital content delivery. Especially after the controversial "sky-net" laws passed here in New Zealand recently.

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A Busy Weekend - Launch of BBQ Hero Guitar and Breakthrough Bundle Products

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 11 October 2011 | Comments

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Man, what a busy weekend when you need to be operating in US time zones and you live in New Zealand! Product launch ended up working out at about 3am NZ time on Saturday morning... needless to say my weekend was non-existent but I have time-shifted it to the start of this week.

I was busy working in with a joint venture between to companies here in New Zealand that managed to pull together an amazing bundle of the web's premium online guitar and singing lessons.

My role was to provide IT support, payment system integration and fulfillment services while working in with all the bundle partners to make sure we could deliver their products. If you want to check out the websites there are links below and product banners on my blog to click through to them.

Pretty much this bundle deal is an asspiring singer/songwriters dream set of products to help them on their way up and adds to the ever popular "bundle offering" that seem to be happening more and more at the moment as a way to offer excellent value to customers and get product creators working together.

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Business needs to give millenials a reason why.

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 24 September 2011 | Comments

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I do think we need more meaning in the work we do today and will do in the future.

The millennials will be an interesting generation I think, they are brought up digital natives on the internet, gaming, mobile, instant feedback, less worry about privacy online and communicate via social media and with more frequency.

Are they the victor by having a much more open level of connection with their social graph or are they failing to realise what this all means in the long run? Perhaps older gernations are just being paraniod about online privacy having come through the transition to the technology driven world we live in now.

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Who got game?

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 2 September 2011 | Comments

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Just a quick blog post to congratulate Bunchball on winning the AppQuest 2011 Competition.
Bunchball are a company that help drive behaviour on the web through the use of game mechanics such as points, levels trophies and rewards - all increasing the engagement for the end user.

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This is what technology is about

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 7 December 2010 | Comments

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For good, to help people communicate, to advance and make our world better. How else can this new tech generation use technology, to start to fix and repair humanities carnage on this planet?

Zach Lieberman: Interactive Art from PopTech on Vimeo.

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The Clouds are opening up!

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 9 August 2010 | Comments

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I got an interesting email through from Rackspace Cloud last week... (Rackspace Cloud being a cloud based hosting, virtual server and storage/CDN available from Rackspace hosting.) The are starting an initiative called "OpenStack" which is essentially the open source software they are using to power their cloud hosting platform. Check out the video below for a good overview. The company I work for has been with Rackspace Cloud for several years now, seeing as our core business is in delivering and supporting our products and services to our customers, we made the clear cut distinction that we were NOT in the server administration game. We made a major push at the start of this year to move our entire codebase, websites, and web services we had been running on a dedicated server over to the Cloud architecture. We haven't looked back since as it has added almost unlimited scalability to our web applications, lower cost per GB for delivery to our customers as well as transforming what was a reasonably high fixed cost expense every year (for dedicated server racks) into a variable cost (we now only pay for the bandwidth we actually use to deliver our services!). All in all if your a company that is in the business of delivering a product online to your customers, quickly and cost effectively heading towards the Cloud might be the move for you. I am very excited in thinking about the future of Cloud based computing and services for all businesses but where I believe it will make the most difference is in those small to medium size enterprises (SME's) who need email, communication tools and automated business processes (Sales Dashboards, business intelligence statistics).  This means your average business can now communicate much more effectively for a fraction of the cost (if not free with tools such as Google Apps Standard), hopefully those days of the clunky old server sitting in the back of the office are numbered!

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Genius! - Bringing Augmented Reality to everyday objects

Posted by Findlay, Cam on 19 January 2010 | Comments

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Check out Pranav Mistry at TED demonstrating his Sixth Sense personal augmented reality device! A paper computer, taking photos with your gestures, a phone call on your hand?... wow pretty amazing ideas.

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